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Elder abuse takes many forms. Sometimes it can be physical, such as when a nursing home employee slaps or pushes a patient. Other times, it can be financial, such as when an unscrupulous stockbroker pushes an elderly client into a risky investment.


In many cases, it can be insidious and difficult to detect, such as prolonged EMOTIONAL ABUSE or the persistent failure of a caretaker to meet an elder’s basic physical needs.


No matter the form, California’s elder abuse laws prevent harm to seniors and allow for recovery in lawsuits should abuse occur. When a violation occurs, it’s critical to consult with a California elder abuse attorney

As individuals over the age of 65 continue to constitute a larger and larger percentage of the American population, these issues have in recent years been thrust into the national spotlight. However, this problem is not new — only the attention paid to it and the urgency to address it have changed. Although we still have much work to do to ensure that none of our senior citizens ever experience abuse, many states have already enacted strong legal frameworks to detect its occurrence and punish its perpetrators.

Alek Zeven has significant experience in handling elder abuse cases; recovering for and protecting the victims and families of elder abuse.  

Our legal team is always available to answer your questions and keep you updated on the status of your case. Our team is also bilingual so we can properly serve the Russian-Speaking and Spanish-speaking members of our community.

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